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There are many advantages to buying a hot tub. Health is promoted, you can relax at any time or celebrate unforgettable parties.

To take the fun and convenience to the next level, we've listed our top 7 accessory gadgets for you. Each gadget has an individual advantage and many of them cost less than 10 €. Have fun reading - it will be worth it!


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Do you have a hot tub cleaner?

No? then you're making a big mistake!

A special whirlpool cleaner is essential for safe and long-term whirlpool bathing. If you own an expensive hot tub, don't be afraid to spend an extra € 10 on a good cleaning product.

The cleaner protects the internal, highly complex pipe system from limescale and bacteria. Ordinary budget funds are usually insufficient and do not offer optimal protection.

A second important benefit of Whirlpool cleaner is disease prevention.

If the water in your hot tub is not disinfected regularly, you are not only putting yourself in danger - but also anyone who comes into contact with the water.

The warm water in the tub offers perfect living conditions for microorganisms. Warm, but not too high temperatures in the bath water are the ideal environment for the rapid growth of pathogenic bacteria.

The internal disinfection device is also not sufficient here. The hot tub must be thoroughly cleaned manually at least once a month. The following gadgets can of course also be used for a Pool with heat pump can be used as these are very similar.

You don't know how a basic cleaning works? No problem! In this article we are happy to explain it to you. The manual cleaning maintains the value of your whirlpool and the condition is in the optimal range.

Wepos 2000102651 whirlpool system cleaner 1 liter
  • Disinfects and cleans piping systems and jets from whirlpools and whirlpools


Whirlpool surface cleaning made easy

With the above cleaning agent, you can be sure that your whirlpool technology and piping systems are thoroughly cleaned. But what about the surface?

Here, too, we have found out through several tests that a special cleaning agent is more worthwhile than soap and the like.

Attention! Do not use home-made cleaning agents, as this can usually backfire. We also advise against using abrasive cleaning agents, as they can scratch the surface.

If you're getting an expensive car, buying good quality oil makes just as much sense as buying a good hot tub detergent. Don't risk the performance of your expensive device just to save a few dollars.

The SpaTime from BAYROL is our price / performance winner and offers a special recipe for cleaning the entire whirlpool tub. It loosens soot and greasy dirt like no other product or household product.

SpaTime by BAYROL - System-Rein - deep cleaning of the entire pipe system of your whirlpool
  • Prevents deposits, biofilm and germs in the pipe system
  • Creates the basic requirements for good water quality
  • Thoroughly cleans and disinfects the pipe system
  • Saves the consumption of the disinfectant used as standard
  • Spa - whirlpool care


Our favourite

A common problem with spa owners is too high or too low a pH level. The worst part is that many don't even know it's affecting them. This has several consequences.

The pH value even has an indirect influence on water disinfection. If the pH is too high (above 7,8) it is very difficult to keep the water pure. For example, chlorine only has an effectiveness of 8,0% at pH 30. At pH 7,0, however, a full 100%.

PH value too low:

A pH of less than 7,0 is called acidic water. If the pH value drops below 6,0, the water is strongly acidic. Acid water can destroy pipes, seals, and in some cases even the surface of the pool.

Too high a pH

If the pH value is too high, the water is basic or alkaline. Alkaline water causes increased limescale precipitation, cloudy water, clogged filters and a severe reduction in the functionality of disinfectants.

Too low or too high a pH value can lead to skin irritation. The pH of the skin is 5,5; If the pH value is high, the skin's acid mantle can be attacked. The ideal pH should be between 7,2 and 7,8. Advantages of an optimal pH value:

  • The skin is protected from irritation
  • Less limescale deposits
  • Disinfectants last longer and can be reliably adjusted
  • Filters don't clog easily
  • Hot tub technology lasts much longer

The most common cause of broken spas is lack of water maintenance. And the worst thing is that damage caused by acidic water is not covered by the guarantee.

PH is the most important factor in properly disinfecting your spa. So take precautions!

But how do you take care of it? The easiest way to do this is with a water balancer.

You put some of the remedy in the whirlpool water every week and so you neutralize your water. With the spa balancer you can keep your whirlpool clear, clean and odorless.

The product is completely organic and chlorine-free. Skin irritation is a thing of the past as the skin retains its natural protective acid mantle. Even with neurodermatitis or other skin diseases, you can now use the whirlpool again.

Last but not least: The spa balancer increases the lifespan of your whirlpool significantly. It can also protect them from expensive repairs and calcified pipes. Instead of changing your whirlpool water every month, you can use the water much longer with SpaBalancer.

To the SpaBalancer:

SpaBALANCER 2,5 liter Cleverkauf because 20% saved
  • Spabalancer the chlorine-free water care

Gadgets with a purpose!

Now we have taken care of the thorough cleaning of the whirlpool and come to gadgets that maximize wellness and fun while bathing and simplify operation.

What comes straight to mind is an inflatable minibar for food, snacks and drinks. It serves as a means to an end and even looks very good - you could say it even serves as a decoration!

We have classified the number of subjects as sufficient and they are also deep enough. A must-have for every pool owner! Just inflate it, fill the bottom with a little water and off you go. Practical, cheap and good.

To the minibar:

Perfect Pools Spa Bar Inflatable Whirlpool Table for Drinks and Snacks - Perfect for Pool ...
  • Cool inflatable food and drink holders.
  • Can be used on a wide variety of cans, bottles, and foods.
  • Carrying handles for easy portability.
  • Perfect for parties and gatherings.
  • Float for ease of use in your spa / hot tub.

Does your whirlpool have an LED function?

If your hot tub does not have an LED function, we have good news! We have found underwater LED lamps that cover your whirlpool in great colors for little money.

The stylish LED lamps transform every whirlpool into an individual wellness oasis and create a relaxed atmosphere.

If your whirlpool already has an LED function, what do you think of providing the tub with additional lamps?

So you can not only get envious looks, but also create a unique color pattern. Just try it out! The lamps can be used universally anyway.

About the LED lights:

Underwater light, AODOOR Multi Waterproof LED lights for ...
  • 🌈 DIMENSION: 7 * 2.5cm; The battery-operated pond light has 13 premium LED beads that ...
  • 🌈 EASY TO USE: Easy to control by 28-key remote control within 10M distance, with ...
  • 🌈 REPEATABLE: wireless, 100% waterproof, perfect for lighting up vases, bowls or with ...
  • 🌈 PRACTICALITY: waterproof LED underwater light applies to the party, wedding, stage, disco, ...
  • 🌈 WHAT YOU GET: 4x AODOOR LED light with remote control; 4x24-key IR remote control; 100% ...


Practical entry aid

If you're like most hot tub owners, chances are you don't have a buried spa. These look luxurious, but not everyone can afford such a model.

Most people have a hot tub in their garden or bathroom. So getting started is not as easy as with the underground whirlpool. Even if many whirlpools have an opening - climbing the pool could be easier.

Especially with inflatable or closed whirlpools, entry costs unnecessarily strength for children, the elderly and the sick. A simple 2 step staircase not only makes your whirlpool look better, it also makes it easier to get into the pool.

Our choice was the double step from Waterway. You can choose between 6 different color combinations and receive a robust, non-slip and UV-protected whirlpool staircase within 2 days. Top in terms of price-performance!

To the stairs:
Waterway whirlpool jacuzzi pool accessories outdoor 2-step whirlpool staircase double step ...
  • Robust 2-step staircase for outdoor whirlpools, jacuzzis and pools in a great design
  • Fast and uncomplicated assembly of the UV-protected polypropylene components. Natural colors everywhere ...
  • The dimensions of the entry aid are approx. 83x36x65 cm with a weight of 6600g up to 360 kg
  • The step staircase has large, non-slip treads that enable safe entry and exit ...
  • Ideal for your whirlpool, jacuzzi, outdoor pool, water basin or hot tub

Lean back and relax

Our final recommendation is the perfect gift for any hot tub lover. Do you know someone who just loves to sit in the hot tub and forget about everything else?

Do you feel addressed? Then maybe you are that person yourself and we have good news for you!

The use of a bath pillow increases satisfaction and allows you to lean back comfortably. Wellness on another level is the motto! And that even in a beautiful design.

The firm and at the same time soft pillow is waterproof and easy to clean. It is easy to attach and remove with its suction cups.


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