Are you looking for relaxation? Are you flirting with a hot tub for your garden? Then be sure to read our big whirlpool review.

We tell you what is important when buying and which models made it to the top of the ranking.


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Jacuzzi in the garden - outdoor whirlpools put to the test

It has to be close to paradise to be able to call your own hot tub in the garden. Thanks to the different models, such a whirlpool can be implemented in almost any garden. Find out here the advantages and disadvantages of a jacuzzi in your garden.

Benefits of outdoor spas

Having your own whirlpool in the garden offers numerous advantages. We will now explain these to you here.

  • Health promoting: Tense muscles, tiredness and exhaustion will soon be a thing of the past with your own jacuzzi - simply massage away pain.
  • Social life is enriched: Treat yourself and your friends to the luxury of regular “bubble evenings”. You will quickly notice how your own whirlpool in the garden expands your social life and also increases your fun factor in life.
  • Increase in the value of your property: A whirlpool in the garden increases the value of your property (if it is owned) many times over. 
  • No long ways to the spa: In the future, you no longer need to sit in the car and go to a wellness center, you can comfortably use your own Jacuzzi in the garden.  

Disadvantages of outdoor spas

At first glance, you might think that having your own whirlpool in the garden has only advantages, but there are also a few disadvantages that you have to accept - you can see which ones here:

  • Good models are expensive: The higher quality the model, the more expensive it will be to buy. An alternative here can be the inflatable models. 
  • Maintenance costs: Yes, a hot tub costs a certain amount every day you operate it. Large whirlpools are particularly expensive. The water must be kept at a temperature of around 38-40 ° C, the Hydro Jet glands need electricity to operate, as do the filter pumps. If the water also has to be changed, it can be expensive in a large pool.

Inflatable hot tubs in comparison

You have just heard about the inexpensive alternative to the permanently installed whirlpool - the inflatable models. Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of this.


Advantages (compared to pools built into the garden, water basins)

The inflatable whirlpools offer a number of advantages. You can see them here in the overview.

  • Wellness for every budget: Thanks to the large selection of models, the right model can be found for every budget. 
  • Quick assembly and disassembly: The assembly and disassembly of the inflatable whirlpools is very simple and easy to do by a few men (or women). A small compressor is usually included in the scope of delivery, with which the pool can be filled with air in no time at all. Just fill in water and you can start relaxing. Dismantling is just as easy.
  • Comfortable sitting: The inflatable whirlpools usually have a padded underside. This is not the case with the permanently installed models and so sitting in them cannot be compared with the comfort of an inflatable whirlpool.
  • Price: Probably the most important aspect of an inflatable whirlpool is its moderate price (as opposed to a permanently installed jacuzzi). You can buy a solid, good, inflatable outdoor whirlpool from around 300 euros.

Well-known manufacturers

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There are many good and proven manufacturers in the inflatable hot tub market. If you would like to receive more detailed information on this, please use the attached contact form for your inquiry. We will answer your request as soon as possible. 


Are you looking for a suitable whirlpool? We have the solution: The whirlpool from

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Don't have a big garden? Opt for the indoor whirlpool variant!

Both inflatable hot tubs are available for outdoor use, as well as for use Indoor. Often there are models for both types of use. Here we introduce you to the advantages and disadvantages.


  • No more leaving the house! You can go to your wellness area comfortably in flip-flops and bathrobe. Comfortable and luxurious. 
  • No prying eyes, privacy guaranteed.
  • Independent of wind and weather.
  • Optimization of unused spaces.


With all the advantages, we must also inform you about the disadvantages. Here are an overview:

  • Redesign of existing rooms to become damp rooms.
  • The heavy weight of the filled whirlpool can endanger the statics of the house.
  • Electrical installation must be secured.

The alternative - whirlpools on the balcony

A good way to build the whirlpool very close to the house (apartment) the balcony. Here you are outdoors, you can enjoy the healing, soothing rays of the sun while you “bubble” in the whirlpool and are nevertheless protected to a certain extent. Just make sure that the balcony can bear the weight and that the electrical installation and water connection are possible. If all this is guaranteed, then nothing stands in the way of having fun on the balcony.

The new trend: whirlpool bathtubs

The permanently installed ones are more and more popular Whirlpool bathtubs. These are a combination of bathtub and jacuzzi. They are permanently installed in the bathroom and also offer sufficient massage performance. In this category, you have to reckon with acquisition costs of 1500 euros or more - upwards without any limits!


Outdoor hot tubs can be a buy recommendationIt is like paradise to be able to use your own whirlpool in the garden (alternatively in the house / on the balcony). If a few important aspects are considered, you will find the perfect model for every requirement. The permanently installed models start at a price of around 3000 euros and there are no upper limits. Both inflatable jacuzzis If the prices are significantly lower - you can get a solid, high-performance model from around 300 euros. Which variant you choose depends on your personal demands on the jacuzzi.


Are you looking for a suitable whirlpool? We have the solution: The whirlpool from

The whirlpool 6 people 3

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What is the difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub?

Generally you can say that it is no significant difference between a hot tub and a jacuzzi. Jacuzzi is just that Name of a companywhich manufactures whirlpools. Today the word jacuzzi is still widely used, but most of the time it is a commercial whirlpool meant.

Jacuzzi, one family business, which originally manufactured agricultural pumps, invented the late 1950er Years of the J-300 Portable Submersible Massage Pump, which the company marketed in hospitals and gyms as a device that turned an ordinary bathtub into one therapeutic tool transformed to relieve pain in sore joints and muscles. Jacuzzi introduced the first consumer integrated spa in 1968. This product, nicknamed “Römerbad”, is the origin of the Whirlpool industry. In the 80s, many competitors entered the market with similar products, but consumers began to consider the Jacuzzi brand Generic term to be used for all whirlpools. The name is protected by trademark law to this day Jacuzzi® Used by many people, which is one of the reasons why Jacuzzi is so successful.
Every whirlpool, regardless of the brand, has one or more pumps that draw the water from the tub and direct it through the heating, filtration and ventilation systems. The pump (s) pump hot, filtered and sparkling water into the tub of the Spas back to the Whirlpool effect that promotes physical relaxation and relieves muscle and joint pain. An electronic control unit regulates the heat of the water. In addition, it ensures a constant flow rate and controls the amount of ventilation. Some models offer ozone disinfection for water care. The Clean the whirlpool is essential. The so-called Ozonator produces a germicidal agent which is added to the water. Here it kills germs and bacteria until it breaks down into pure oxygen. The advantage is that the need for chemicals is reduced.
As already indicated above, electric pumps suck the water from the surface of the pool. Some models have multiple pumps, so an important question comes to mind: what good are the pumps in cheap whirlpools and Is such a cheap whirlpool worth it at all?
However, there are also models with a single pump, which then has several speeds. The water then circulates through an electric water heater, which heats the water to the desired temperature. The heating system has a flow switch, which switches off or restricts the water heater when the water flow is interrupted. There is also an overheating switch to turn off the heater if the water temperature exceeds the legal limit of 42 degrees.
Whirlpools have either a suction or pressure filter to purify the water in the circuit. When water flows through the skimmer (water drain), it first passes through the filter and is then returned to the pool through the nozzles. Spark plug filters are generally used for this. The filter guarantees the removal of fine dirt particles, hair, but also of water additives, oil films, etc. Different filter media offer different ones Advantages and disadvantages in terms of cleanliness and durability.
Hot tubs use either an air intake or an air pump to aerate the water; air intake systems draw the water to the water pump and thus the air lines. If the water is now sprayed into the pool, the water flow sucks in air via the Venturi effect and mixes the air with the water. With air pump systems, a separate pump sucks in the air and pumps it out of the air into the pool via separate pressure lines.


Are you looking for a suitable whirlpool? We have the solution: The whirlpool from

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When is the Best Time to Buy a Hot Tub?

Most people buy a jacuzzi in the summer, but you can get lower prices for jacuzzis from the winter and through the spring. During this time, dealers and manufacturers clear out old stocks to make room for the latest models. Master Spas representative Kevin Richards told us that smaller and lower quality hot tub companies will be showcasing their models at next year's shows in October and November. However, higher quality jacuzzi companies are releasing their new models and prices to their dealers in mid to late February. This means that winter offers may not be valid until the spring shopping season.


Air nozzles have several advantages over water jets: air nozzles do not require as much maintenance, they are cheaper because they are less complex, and they generate more power to create a large current. However, water jets are better if you are using your spa for medical purposes as they provide the greatest massage and hydrotherapy benefits. Remember, there are several types of jacuzzi jets. For example, rotary jets are good for treating sore shoulder, back and foot muscles, while directional jets are good for relieving hip pain. Other jet types are pulsator, multi-massage, ozone and cluster.

Filtration & sanitary technology

The filter system cleans the water, removes small particles and ensures that the water is hygienic. The cleaning systems use chemicals such as chlorine or bromine, which are also used to clean swimming pools. The latest innovations in hot tub hygiene reduce the need for expensive chemicals that can irritate your skin and harm the environment. Ozone, salt water and UV filter and plumbing systems are currently available for most manufacturers optional accessories, but our research suggests that they will soon become the standard.

Optional accessories

You can personalize your jacuzzi with upgrades like LED mood lighting, audio and video systems, and special covers. What are the benefits of using a hot tub? Jacuzzis offer a relaxing atmosphere after a hard workout, a long day or a stressful project. However, there are other benefits: Promoting lower blood pressure and better circulation In a study by the Mayo Clinic, Department of Cardiovascular Disease and Internal Medicine, patients' blood pressure decreased and circulation improved while relaxing in a jacuzzi. Blood vessels opened more, which allowed blood to flow better and more efficiently in the body. This is especially beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis as increased blood flow often helps with joint problems and pain. Promoting Weight Loss and Lowering Blood Sugar Levels Dr. Steve Faulkner and a team of researchers from Loughborough University discovered that sitting in a jacuzzi for an hour burns about 140 calories. The patients in this study immersed themselves in water at 40 degrees Celsius. Faulkner also discovered that his patients had 10 percent lower blood sugar levels after eating.


Dr. Andrew Weil, founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, suggests bathing in a jacuzzi regularly as it removes toxins from the body. On his website, Weil writes, "Sweating clears the body of excess sodium and other undesirable substances, including drugs and toxins." Weil says a jacuzzi will help your liver and kidneys work better. However, Weil recommends drinking enough water during the process because sweating in the jacuzzi will dehydrate your body. Even so, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before using your hot tub to rule out any medical conditions that may be irritated by soaking in a hot tub.

Frequently asked questions about hot tubs

Does the insurance cover a hot tub as a medical expense?

If your condition is treatable with a hot tub and your doctor prescribes water therapy, your insurance can cover all or part of the cost of the hot tub. The amount of coverage depends on whether you have other people sharing the jacuzzi or not. Be aware that your insurance company may limit your options when choosing a hot tub.

Can a Jacuzzi be used as a medical expense tax deduction?

If your insurance company reimbursed you for the hot tub, you cannot claim the cost as a tax deduction. If insurance does not reimburse costs, you may be able to claim medical costs as a tax deduction. However, if the hot tub increases the value of your home, you must reduce the deduction by the amount of the increase in value per the worksheet on page six of IRS Document 502. In any case, before writing off the hot tub, check with your tax advisor.

Can I use a jacuzzi if I have a pacemaker or heart disease?

Consult your doctor if you have any illness or heart disease. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best temperature and exposure time.

Should I buy a used hot tub?

Buying a used hot tub is never recommended. Chances are the hot tub is being sold due to issues the former owner was unable to resolve. You buy a hot tub for stress-free relaxation. The last thing you want is the headache of a broken hot tub.

Should I have a jacuzzi if I travel frequently?

With a little more care and attention before and after your trip, you shouldn't have any problems keeping your hot tub safe and in good working order if you travel regularly.


Are you looking for a suitable whirlpool? We have the solution: The whirlpool from

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