Having your own whirlpool or jacuzzi in the garden means rest, relaxation and luxury! Nothing is nicer than coming home in the evening after a long, hot day at work and lying in your hot tub and enjoying the water. Just dive in, let your mind wander and regain your strength! For this reason we explain in this guide how you can build your own hot tub inexpensively:

  • What is there when building or setting up one Jacuzzi in the garden?
  • Which costs arise?
  • What preparatory work has to be done?
  • Do the neighbors need to be informed? Do you need a building permit?

We try to answer all your questions in detail here. So that nothing stands in the way of your outdoor swimming fun!

Build a whirlpool yourself - tips for building your jacuzzi 1
There are dozens of different types of Jacuzzis available on the market. There are built-in, portable or free-standing models. Yes, you can also be creative and build your Jacuzzi from Euro pallets. A building instruction follows (for 2 different variants).
In advance you have to think about where your jacuzzi should be. Is there enough space? Also keep in mind that you may need to put up a ladder to get into the jacuzzi. It is better to always allow a little more space. Also should the vegetation in the garden. Because it's not nice when, for example, a tree takes up all the sun.
Build a whirlpool yourself - tips for building your jacuzzi 2
If you have now found your desired place, take a close look at the underground. Will he carry the pool? Even when filled? If you have concerns, it is advisable to pour a foundation on which the construction then takes place.
Also ask yourself if you want to install a heater in your jacuzzi. This is actually recommended in any case! Because such a large mass of water needs a lot of time to heat up if this is only to take place through the sun's rays.

But first I would like to point them out to the Cleaning and maintaining your jacuzzi Clues. The higher temperature in the jacuzzi in particular favors the development of various germs and microorganisms. And these can quickly damage your health and also cause your water to tip over.

The agent of choice here is usually chlorine. The use of so-called algaecides is recommended against algae formation. You also need to keep an eye on the pH. There are pH sets available in stores that can be used to lower or raise the pH value. A landing net is recommended for mechanical pool cleaning.


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Building instructions

Now let's take a look at how to build a jacuzzi yourself. This works really well from Euro pallets and these pallets are also relatively easy to get. In addition, the finished jacuzzi just looks great!
What do we need now for the construction of the desired jacuzzi? Well, first of all the pallets. If you want to build a square jacuzzi, 4 pallets are sufficient. But if it is a round jacuzzi, you need 10 pallets.
Always have a couple of tension belts ready to hold the pallets in place. Also think of a suitable pool liner. And so that you can enjoy your jacuzzi for a long time, buy a felt floor protector with the film. This prevents holes in the film from stones lying under it.
Build a whirlpool yourself - tips for building your jacuzzi 4
Now lay the felt floor protection flat on the ground (or, if you have poured a foundation, on it). They should remove larger stones or the like. Attach the felt to the sides of the pallets (galvanized brackets are best. Galvanized because they will not rust).
You can screw suitable boards onto the upper edge of the pallets. This makes it easier for them to leave the jacuzzi, and entry is also easier. You can treat these boards with a wood oil. This protects them from the weather and UV rays.
When setting up the pallets (preferably with a helper), make sure that the support surfaces are facing inwards. Please only use pallets that appear stable and are not damaged.
Build a whirlpool yourself - tips for building your jacuzzi 5
Now put another layer of felt in the jacuzzi. This layer should also cover the side panels. If there are critical points (pointed edges, nails or screws that stick out), secure them with an extra layer of felt.
Now staple this felt layer onto the edge as well. Cut the felt protruding over the edge smoothly. Make sure that everything is really well covered with felt. Nothing can be changed here later.
If the felt is now properly laid out, you begin to insert the pool liner. Make sure that the film is flat and flat. The sides should also be laid without creases. The pool liner does not need to be stapled, here the let in water ensures that it is held. For easier work you can take duct tape and fasten the sides.
Now take a very close look at everything. Are there areas that do not seem sufficiently stable? Now reinforce them with boards or wooden beams. Be very careful not to damage the pool liner when you attach these boards with screws (V2A or galvanized).
And now the motto is: water on! Until you Garden jacuzzi however, when it is completely full, some time will pass. But don't let the jacuzzi out of your sight during this time! Should you find that it is not stable, perhaps even losing water, stop the flow of water immediately! Reinforce unstable parts and turn the water on again.
If your jacuzzi is now full, fix the boards on the top. The pool liner should lie loosely on the inside. You can also roll up the film to prevent damage from the screws.
Now the jacuzzi is actually ready. However, if you don't like the look of the pallets, you can pull a bamboo mat around the outside and staple it firmly to the pallet. Or they panel the outside with wood. Or they attach tiles. Be creative with the design!

For the construction of the DIY Jacuzzi from pallets you have to reckon with costs of around 800 to 2000 euros, whereby the most expensive item will clearly be the film. Also think of a suitable cover for times when you are not using your jacuzzi.

Option 2: whirlpool with euro pallets

There is of course also the option of sinking your Euro pallet jacuzzi into the floor. As you can imagine, this involves a considerable amount of additional work. But if you like this alternative better, you will take on this extra work.
Build a whirlpool yourself - tips for building your jacuzzi 7
To do this, set up your Euro pallets the way you want them to be (so, here in a circle). Take a spade and cut the ground on the outside of the pallet. Once they have done this all around, they can start digging. I recommend renting a mini excavator. These don't cost the world and your back will thank you for it!
Dig up as much material as the pallets are tall. Also think of an edge on top of the pallets (you can easily put drinks there or put your towel ready). If you have dug a sufficiently large pit, the actual construction can take place.
First line the bottom of the pit with the felt floor protector. Now place the Euro pallets flush in a circle. To fix it, you can use wooden slats or wooden beams, which you can remove later when you are finished.
But for further work it makes more sense if the pallets are stabilized a little, you will have it easier and not have to correct the position of the pallets as often. Of course, you can also decide to fix the pallets permanently.
But for further work it makes more sense if the pallets are stabilized a little, you will have it easier and not have to correct the position of the pallets as often. Of course, you can also decide to fix the pallets permanently.
Now that you have the pallets in place, lay out another layer of felt floor protection. Make sure to pull the felt up the side walls as well. Attach the felt to the upper edge of the pallets with galvanized staples using a stapler.
Now check that the felt is seated correctly. Pay particular attention to protruding screws, nails or sharp edges. Please pad them with additional felt, otherwise they might pierce your pool liner and that would be really annoying!
When you are sure that everything is well padded, start laying the pool liner. You must pay particular attention to laying the film without creases as far as possible. Once the water has been let in, there is nothing you can do about it.
Also attach the pool liner a little on top so that it cannot slip during the following work steps. You can remove this attachment later because the water that has been let in will hold the pool liner in place.
Build a whirlpool yourself - tips for building your jacuzzi 10
If you have everything ready so far, you can now let in the water with the garden hose. In any case, stay close so that you can repair any damage that has leaked water immediately.
If your jacuzzi is now full and tight, you can start designing an edge as a top finish. There are no limits to your inventiveness. Just be careful not to damage the pool liner anymore.

The upper edge is now designed, everything is tightly and securely attached. Now they take from the earth the excavation and fill in the gaps between the earth and the pallets. You should do this very conscientiously so that your jacuzzi remains stable.

Make sure that everything is compacted well (for this you can build a “tamper” from a piece of formwork and a square timber. Make the area of ​​the “tamper” a little smaller than the gap between the soil and the pallet reach every corner and so compact).

A couple of important pointers

It may be that the earth subsides a little over time. Here you can simply fill up some of the above again. This is an excellent way to stabilize your Jacuzzi.
Once the edge has been designed, you can move on to the vegetation around the jacuzzi. Would you like everything nice and green? Look around the garden center for suitable plants. Different types of grass or bamboo are particularly suitable for designing on and around water.
If you decide to use bamboo, make sure to build a so-called rhizome barrier into the ground when planting. This prevents the uncontrolled reproduction of the bamboo roots in your entire garden.

If you have now designed everything the way you want it, nothing stands in the way of your bathing experience in your own jacuzzi! Just remember, im Winter to drain the water, otherwise there is a risk of damage and that would be very annoying! Have fun splashing around!


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