They want yours Clean the whirlpool? Then you have a good and important Decision made! Both for your health and for the longevity of your whirlpool.

In order to be able to enjoy the bladder function for as long as possible, however, some rules must be applied Hygiene, cleanliness and handling get noticed.

The necessary Cleaning measures vary according to model type and can be read individually in the instructions for use.

Tip: Inflatable whirlpool particularly easy to clean. Nowadays they come with many additional features. It's best to read our article.

Whirlpool cleaning important yes no

Will be your whirlpool tub not cleaned regularly, this can lead to malfunctions or even a defect.

In addition, bacteria would form, which would contribute to unpleasant smells and endanger your health.

These bacteria would then linger in the complex system of pipes, filters and pumps. Water will always flow through this system of the hot tub, regardless of whether the bubble function is used.

The pleasantly warm whirlpool water offers favorable living conditions for microorganisms.

The warm, but not too hot temperatures of the bathing water contribute to an optimal environment for the rapid multiplication of Bacteria in the hot tub at.

These bacteria form mainly in the internal system of the hot tub and, together with lime, soap and oil residues, lead to significant contamination.

With the right method and a hygienic whirlpool cleaner, you can ensure cleanliness, unrestricted functionality and the necessary hygiene for your whirlpool.


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These accessories help you for perfect cleaning!

It goes without saying that every whirlpool owner knows that if he wants to enjoy it for a long time, he should clean his piece of jewelry regularly. This does not only mean the manual removal of foreign bodies (leaves and the like).

A whirlpool should be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals. The manufacturer Intex has developed a number of accessories that make cleaning and care almost a pleasure.

1. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner - automatic powerful pool floor cleaner - only for 38 mm ...
  • Powerful pool vacuum works according to the Venturi principle - only suitable for INTEX pools
  • A filter capacity of at least 6.056 - 13.248 l / h is required for optimal cleaning
  • Swimming pool hose Ø 38 mm, length 650 cm, is connected to the inlet nozzle (pressure side)
  • Suitable for salt water
  • For all INTEX above-ground pools with Ø 38 mm hose connection and gate valve

This high-performance floor vacuum is a real relief when it comes to pool maintenance. In the past, pool owners always had the problem of not knowing how best to clean the groundsheet and pool walls. Intex now has the solution: the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner.

This is specially designed for the Intex brand whirlpools and has the following properties:


  • For all whirlpools from Intex with a hose connection of Ø 38 mm and a gate valve
  • Suitable for both fresh and salt water whirlpools
  • requires a filter system with a capacity of at least 5.678 liters per hour
  • a 750 cm long swimming pool hose (included) is connected to the inlet nozzle
  • Price Amazon: 75,59 euros

2. Intex cleaning set

Intex 28004 PureSPA cleaning set
  • Colour: brown
  • Material: Plastic
  • The scope of delivery includes a curved brush, a net and a scouring pad
  • Intex item number: 28004

The practical Cleaning set from Intex includes the following components:


  • a curved brush 
  • a landing net 
  • a scouring pad

The Cleaning has the color brown and is made of plastic. With it, even hard-to-reach areas in the whirlpool can be cleaned easily and efficiently. If you like this Cleaning for the first time, you'll never want to be without it again, guaranteed. The Price on Amazon: 9,90 euros

3. Water quality test

3 in 1 pH / EC / Temp Meter ATC Waterproof with Water-Black Water Quality Multi-Parameter Tester ...
  • THREE IN ONE: pH measurement, EC measurement, temperature measurement
  • EASY CALIBRATION: pH and EC with just a mini screwdriver; Automatic temperature compensation ...
  • Convertible temperature display in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit, quick and easy to display your ...
  • OTHER APPLICATIONS: beverages, fish hatcheries, food processing, aquarium, photography, laboratory, ...
  • COMES WITH: 1 x pH EC temperature measuring device 3 x calibration buffer powder (pH 4,01, pH 6,86 and pH 9,18) 1 x ...

This, professional quality, Water testing device Pancellent TDS PH meter set will be your reliable helper in determining your whirlpool water values. However, with this device you can not only test the water of your pool, but also tap water, water for the production of food, human saliva, urine, etc. With this handy device tester determine the values ​​of almost any liquid.

The water quality measuring device has the following scope of delivery:

  • TDS meter 1x
  • pH meter 1x
  • Calibration package 6x
  • User manual 1x
  • Price Amazon: 22,99 euros

With these high quality, useful helpers nothing stands in the way of a long summer with regular pool visits. Have fun in their neat and clean whirlpool!


How do you clean your hot tub after normal use?


The answer varies, depending on what type of hot tub you own, you should perform model-specific cleaning procedures.

It also depends on the type of use: Do you use the pool naked? With fresh or 3-day-old swimwear? Do they eat in the pool or not? All of these are factors that affect cleanliness.

In general, however, you can say that if your whirlpool has an integrated cleaning system, a thorough cleaning after each use is not absolutely necessary.

However, the brief cleaning of the hot tub surface will after each use recommended. It is even advisable to simply use a conventional sponge.

To do this, rinse the tub surface with it cold Water off and clean the tub with a specially developed for whirlpools Surface cleaner. It is worth buying because regular use also prevents limescale deposits.

Very important! Never use an abrasive household cleaner as this can scratch the surface.

SpaTime by BAYROL - Schaum-Ex 1,0 L - defoamer for spa / whirlpool, removes unsightly ...
  • Highly effective defoamer for whirlpool water
  • Removes unsightly foam from the surface of the water
  • Acts quickly and efficiently
  • Foam develops, among other things, from soap residue or personal care products
  • Spa - whirlpool care

Whirlpool basic cleaning: when and how often?

It is essential to clean the surface after each use to protect the bathtub from dangerous germs and bacteria. Protect your expensive hot tub!

The first thorough cleaning should always be and before first use.

Then they should at least Carry out a basic cleaning with the whirlpool system cleaner once a month. in this way you protect yourself against unhealthy germs, grease and lime build-up.

Even with normal use without "bubbling", the bath water flows through the system. The corresponding cleaning measures should therefore also be carried out when using without the bladder function.

Bonus tip: winterize your hot tub before leaving it outside in winter. You can find out how this works in this post.

Whirlpool cleaning


How does the basic cleaning work?

The typical procedure is as follows: To fill The whirlpool with sufficient cold water. Then add about 100-50 ml of a whirlpool cleaner per 100 liters of water.

The whirl pump should then be switched on for approx. 30 minutes. After cleaning the water, you should have the Empty the whirlpool. The cleaning of the internal pipe system is finished.

Now it comes to cleaning the surface. Rinse the tub surface with it cold Drain the water and clean the tub with a cleaner specially developed for whirlpools.

By regular use This cleaner prevents limescale deposits and guarantees hygienic water in the whirlpool.

After surface cleaning is the Basic cleaning finished and the next time you fill up with water, you can enter the spa with a clear conscience.

Basic cleaning is essential and recommended to anyone who wants to maintain the value of their hot tub.

This is what a hot tub cleaning looks like

If you're doing everything right then proper cleaning should be fun and look something like this:


For you this means: bring your partner and children over, turn on the music and enjoy the regular cleaning. It can even be fun!


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Extra tips from our whirlpool professionals:

Do not use bath additives

We strongly advise against adding bath additives to the hot tub water. Conventional bath additives such as foam and oil baths are unsuitable for whirlpools. These can contaminate, clog and damage the nozzles and the piping system. In order to protect the whirlpool from unintentional damage and to clarify uncertainties, the information in the instructions for use should be observed.

Safe cleaning of your hot tub

In order to permanently maintain the function and hygiene of the whirlpool, cleaning should not be carried out with a conventional cleaning agent, but with an agent specially developed for whirlpools. This cleaner is the most suitable cleaning and disinfecting agent for your hot tub, with or without an automatic cleaning system.


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