# 1 Miweba MSpa LED: Our test winner!

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At first glance, the MSpa LED pool of the manufacturer Miweba classic through and through. But really only at the first quick glance. Because if you take a closer look, there is really only that round pool shape classic.

All other features and details are the same pool exhibits, on the other hand, testify to innovation and high quality standards. That speaks for example reinforced Rhino-Tech materialfrom which the Whirlpool is manufactured. This makes this model particularly robust, hard-wearing and also easy to care for.

thanks to the 138 bubble jets inside the Polish enjoy in this Pool model a relaxed yet activating massage. The operation of the Polish designed to be relaxed. That takes care of that Delight control panel, via which all functions of the pool can be controlled.

# 2 Intex Bubble

Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage - Ø 216 x 71 cm - 6 Person - Beige
  • Automatic heating system, 140 air jets, integrated limescale protection system, lockable insulating cover,
  • Series: Pure Spa
  • Color beige
  • Dimensions: 216 x 71 cm (W x H)
  • Inner diameter: 165 cm

The ranks in our 2nd place INTEX bubble. Also this one Whirlpool scores with a high level of comfort. Which is certainly not least due to the fact that the Polish on the so-called Fiber-Tech construction is set.

Inside is that pool with 140 air jet nozzles equipped and has enough space for 4 people. thanks to the integrated limescale protection system bathing pleasure is even more agreeable and pleasant.

All functions of the. Can also be controlled via the self-explanatory and clear control panel whirlpools control.

# 3 Lay Z Spa Miami

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa whirlpool Miami AirJet inflatable, round, 180 x 66 cm, 2-4 people, black
  • Wellness for home: whether inside or outside: up to 4 people can relax in the inflatable whirlpool
  • Massage & warmth: With 81 massage jets and a temperature of up to 40 ° C, the whirlpool invites you to ...
  • Simple construction: The pool made of sturdy Tritech material is easy to set up and is controlled via a digital ...
  • Pool protection: The thermal cover with child safety device can be easily attached, protects against ...
  • Scope of delivery: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Miami AirJet whirlpool incl.ChemConnect chemical dispenser, 2 ...

The small Bestway whirlpool is made of sturdy TriTech material manufactured and convinces with its extraordinary leather look. Inside it houses the pool 81 AirJet nozzlesthat ensure a soothing massage.

Particularly noteworthy is the timer for the automatic start / stop heating system. With this equipment feature, our 3rd place is particularly energy-saving.


Inflatable hot tubs, for many you are the shining star in the hot tub sky. Because finally we don't have to take a huge amount of euros in hand to dream of our own in the apartment, in the garden or on the terrace Whirlpool to meet.

In addition, the inflatable models fully complying with our desire for flexibility. Moving and the Whirlpool take away, the Whirlpool move from the bathroom to the terrace - what with you permanently installed whirlpool is not possible, goes with one inflatable hot tub dead easy!

The best outdoor inflatable hot tub:

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Inflatable whirlpools in the outdoor area

In the warm season the bathing relocate to the balcony, the terrace or in the garden? With a inflatable outdoor whirlpool no problem!

However, you should make sure when buying that it is actually one pool acts for the Use outdoors suitable is. 

Because on Polish, which be used outside, completely different requirements are made. After all, they are exposed to different weather conditions and UV radiation. Factors that particularly affect the choice of material. If you are not necessarily looking for a whirlpool for the outdoor area and want to look at other models, we recommend our large one Inflatable hot tub test!


Find the right location for your hot tub

Before you decide on a model, you should of course first think about where you are going Whirlpool want to place. After all, it has to be at the desired location enough space for pool to be available.



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Jacuzzi in the garden

Should he Jacuzzi in the garden find its place, then you should choose a place where the pool does not disturb or get in the way. After all, it would be annoying if the water ran out every time you mow the lawn pool relaxed and the Whirlpool must be cleared to the side.

You should also make sure that the space in the garden is as level as possible and free of sharp objects. Smaller bumps can be removed using a Floor mat be balanced. Incidentally, this is advisable anyway, because it causes the pool again additionally isolated is.

Jacuzzi on the terrace

Would you like the Jacuzzi on your terrace then you should first see how much space the pool may claim. Also the Statik should not be completely ignored here.

Anyone in terms of the Load capacity of the terrace is not sure, so it is better to consult a structural engineer in advance.

Placing a floor mat is on the Terrace not absolutely necessary. But if you want to reduce heating costs, you should also go to the Terrace not on the Floor mat under the pool forego because they have an additional Insulation represents.

Jacuzzi on the balcony

You may not have either Garden or Terracebut just one Balcony. But even then, you don't necessarily have to bubbling bathing fun without.

As long as the landlord and the neighbors have no objections as well as the Statik there are no problems, you can set up one Hot tubs on the balcony nothing against.

Similar to setting up on the terrace, you should pay special attention to the size of your future Polish lay.

The best inflatable hot tub for 2-4 people

In the previous section you could already see a small overview of our 3 favorites procure. Surely you would like to know which of these models made it to the top of the podium.

As you can probably guess, it is the Miweba MSpa LED whirlpool. There are innumerable reasons for this decision. We would like to explain a few of the reasons that led to this decision to you. 

One of those reasons is that easy assembly and disassembly. Even if you are technically or technically totally unskilled or not interested in it. Because even inexperienced people can do it within 15 minutes pool easy to assemble.

Is the pool, then comes the 2nd positive surprise and that is clearly the look. If you always thought so at times inflatable hot tubs If you have to compromise on optics, then this model will amaze you. Modern and elegant, this is exactly how it is presented pool. Therefore, in our opinion, it is also perfectly suited to be set up in the bathroom or winter garden.

The icing on the cake is the wraparound one LED lighting, which also creates an atmospheric atmosphere.


Accessories for your outdoor jacuzzi

To your own Spa perfect to make you want to corresponding accessories, which makes the area a bit more beautiful and comfortable, of course, do not do without. We are therefore introducing you to a few products that make your home oasis of peace a little bit more comfortable.



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Of course there are many other extras and accessories from various manufacturers that we do not present to you here. For further information and more accessories, we therefore recommend our separate Review!


Sojag aluminum pavilion roofing Gazebo Verona 10x14 with double wall sheets including mosquito net // ...
  • With durable polycarbonate double-skin sheets // Absolutely weather-resistant and unbreakable
  • Post and frame construction made of powder-coated and robust aluminum for a firm stand on the ...
  • Extreme snow load of 125 kg / m²! The 6mm double-wall plates provide high stability
  • Curtains can be purchased separately! Mosquito nets are included!
  • The pavilion canopy offers enough space and space to spend nice time underneath // Dimensions: ...

You may be standing Whirlpool on a very sunny spot. Especially in midsummer, a little shade can't hurt. If you are looking for a nice and functional shade provider are, then this is Flag the perfect choice.

The frame is made of aluminum. Accordingly, the Flag but also pleasantly easy weatherproof and unbreakable.

Bestway sun protection

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa sun canopy 183 x 94 x 109 cm
  • High quality sun protection for Lay-Z-Spa whirlpools from Bestway
  • 2 removable tension lines ensure stability
  • Material: Polyester 190 T PU-coated
  • Air-permeable windows made of fine-meshed fabric
  • Scope of delivery: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa sun protection roof for whirlpools including storage bag, dimensions: ...

On the other hand, should it be a little different and maybe take up less space because you pool for example is on the terrace or balcony, then it is Bestway sun protection maybe something for you. This is simply attached to the outer wall of the Polish attached and thus ensures pleasant shade, absolutely space-saving.

Intex seat

Intex Pure Spa Spa Accessories - Plastic Seat Height Adjustable - 47 x 36 x 22 cm - Beige
  • For smaller persons or children
  • Two adjustable seat heights (75 mm or 150 mm)
  • Non-slip seat

Will the pool also used by children or smaller people, then this seat can be of great value. It acts like a Booster seat. You can choose between 2 seat heights.

Intex bench

Intex PureSPa whirlpool accessories - Bench - Inflatable - For round PureSpa Bubble Massage
  • Stable fiber-tech construction
  • With compatible quick-release fasteners
  • Maximum weight load: 200 kg

You wish additional seats around your poolthat also do not take up unnecessary space? Then the Intex bench that can be easily attached using quick-release fasteners.

The Intex bench is also perfect as a Easy entry for smaller children.

Intex waterfall

Intex waterfall & stream sets 56028, colored,
  • Waterfall with LED multicolored Intex, clean material PVC and measures 33 x 28 x 28 cm (length, ...
  • To the outlet pipe of the air purifier, flow necessary 3596 - 9274 liters / hour ...
  • Including adjustable bracket and valve bypass kit
  • The light works with integrated hg2000i (does not require batteries or electrical connection), ...
  • Adapts to the round and rectangular Intex pools of the Metall Frame, Frame glasses and ultra frame lines

Looking for someone special water feature, which ideally has an interesting Play of light distinguishes? Then it's worth taking a look at INTEX waterfall to throw. Thanks to its adjustable bracket, the Waterfall with LED lighting easily on the Edge of the pool be applied.


How to properly set up your inflatable hot tub

The thought of it one Whirlpool For many, building up ensures that a few drops of sweat form on the forehead. Not infrequently the question then arises whether you can do it yourself that easily.

We can tell you after our attempts that building a inflatable outdoor whirlpools actually made a lot easier than we ever imagined. What is certainly due to the fact that many manufacturers now so-called Plug and Play models launch.  

That means one for you as a customer minimal effort since the construction or dismantling of the Polish connected with just a few simple steps.

In the end, the structure of a inflatable hot tubs always the same in its main features. That means you have to pool first remove its packaging.

Then spread that Floor mat from where the pool should have its place. Then place the pool on it, smooth the floor a bit and then begin to fill the side walls with air. For a visual overview, we recommend the following video:

If the walls are stable enough, you can start with the pool to fill with water. And then you can start bringing the water to the desired temperature. If you don't want to risk long waiting times at this point, you can of course put warm water in yours Whirlpool break in.

Even if the structure is always the same, you should still have a look at the A before you startManufacturer's specifications toss.


How to clean and maintain your inflatable hot tub

Taking care of one inflatable pools starts with the Water maintenance. Here you should make sure that the water always contains the necessary amount of chlorine. In addition, you should always remove dirt such as leaves or insects with a net.

If the water is visibly dirty or if algae or limescale have already formed, you should replace the water immediately.

Would you like your inflatable pool then you should never use very hard brushes in this case. These can not only cause unsightly scratches on the surface, but yours too pool actually cause harm too. 

We recommend cleaning the whirlpools prefer to use a soft cloth or sponge. Plus there is too complete cleaning sets to acquire. These then already contain all the utensils you need to clean your Polish need.

Before you let in fresh water again after cleaning, we also advise you to use the pool rinse well again. This ensures that there are no more cleaning agent residues in the pool remain. For more helpful expert tips, you should our guide .


You should do this in winter

According to most manufacturers, a inflatable hot tub at temperatures of 4-5 degrees can no longer be used. Therefore we recommend the pool to empty and dismantle before the winter months. If you live in a particularly cold area and are looking for a whirlpool that is particularly winter-proof, take a look at our tips and tricks for winter and which jacuzzi is particularly suitable for winter - Click here!

You may have a place in the bathroom or in the winter garden where you can put your inflatable hot tub then you can still use it in the cold season.



Even if a inflatable hot tub Can not be used outside during the cold season, but only inside, so today we no longer want to do without this little luxury in everyday life.

We finally love not having to take long journeys to enjoy a wonderful massage in warm water get. 

Overcrowded leisure pools, long lines at the cash register, opening times and much more - fortunately, we are now independent of all these factors and can use ours whenever we want own pool climb.

We would definitely come back for one inflatable hot tub decide and can only advise anyone who intends to purchase our test winner, The MSpa LED from Miweba to grab. A great pool which is really worth every euro and which can also be operated very well in the apartment in the winter months.


Thanks to its very tasteful appearance, it can take its place in the bathroom in autumn and winter without us having to make any compromises in terms of appearance. 

And as soon as the days get warmer again, it will pool dismantled in the bathroom and may move into his summer home in the garden. thanks to the easy assembly and disassembly is really not a great effort and can be done in just a few simple steps.


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