Arrive at home after a long, stressful day at work and relax in the warm, bubbling water ... unwind and let the massage jets massage your neck. A little break from the stressful daily routine.

And the experience is even better when you don't even have to drive away, but the one Jacuzzi in your own garden stands!

Grab your partner and enjoy they the bubbling togetherness! Switch off and don't worry about anything! You will see, a few hours in your own outdoor hot tub can be yours Reinvigorate relationship.


Price / performance winner [2019]

Fonteyn Mallorca Superior Outdoor Whirlpool / Balboa control / 6 person outdoor whirlpool
  • Polyethylene inner shell provided with a 5 year guarantee
  • Balboa Electronics
  • 2 kW heating (very economical and energy saving)
  • Plastic frame (maintenance-free and very robust) - we do not use wood in the entire whirlpool (very ...
  • Underwater lighting, waterfall + LED lighting and side air controls
That's the Mallorca whirlpool from the brand Fonteyn. A real price / performance winner! For this price you get a much sought-after jacuzzi with massage function. The optimal outdoor whirlpool. This video explains the details and functions of the “Mallorca Outdoor Whirlpool”:
What should you pay attention to when you have your Jacuzzi in the garden want to set up? Are there any building regulations? Do the neighbors have to agree? Which jacuzzi is right for your garden? Let us now shed light on these questions.


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Tip 1: the right place

The very first question you should ask yourself is after suitable place! This should not only be level and stable, it is advisable to look for a place that is not too far from the electricity and water connections. enough space to leave at the entrance. Basically you allow for an additional space of around 50cm around your jacuzzi. When starting out, something is welcome more generous .

They must also always be able to get close to the technology of the Jacuzzi Maintenance to be able to perform. You can then clad this additional area with wood later.

This creates a kind of railing on which you can place various items such as towels, sun cream or drinks. Not only does it look very nice, it is also very good meaningful and practical.

Tip 2: the right model

Now when they find the right place for your Jacuzzi have found the question of the model! Do they only want to use the whirlpool in the family or even once in larger society Sit in it? Go to a retailer and try out different models. There is nothing more annoying than when you are not comfortable in yours Outdoor jacuzzi being able to sit and not enjoy pure relaxation.

If you prefer to relax in the whirlpool with several people, please choose a model that has seats of different heights. The non-plus ultra is, of course, when everyone has their seat own massage jets disposes.

Make sure that the massage jets are adjustable. It should be possible to massage very painful, tense parts of the body in a targeted manner, with not too much pressure, without causing any more damage.

They should also do theirs after exercising Do not relieve tension in the jacuzzi, this could lead to painful torn muscles.

Whirlpool outdoor: the perfect summer in the garden 3

Do you want your jacuzzi tight install in the ground or do you prefer one freestanding Whirlpool?

The permanent installation in the ground is of course with very a lot more work connected as if they were merely an inflatable jacuzzi on your terrace or set up in your garden. But of course you can use the outside area of ​​a permanently installed whirlpool make it more beautiful than that of a freestanding.

If you are of the opinion that if you want to set up a whirlpool in the garden, you don't want to mess up and not mess, you would rather opt for a permanently installed one. It is best to rent a mini excavator for this. Otherwise they can hardly do the work.

Always think of them too follow-up costswhich the operation of the jacuzzi entails! First and foremost, these are the Electricity and water costs. And of course it should Maintenance not too short!

Find out in advance whether you can still buy broken seals or the like for your jacuzzi years later. This saves a lot of trouble.


Tip 3: Proper cleaning / care

Whirlpool outdoor: the perfect summer in the garden 4

And also the Care of the hot tub is not to be despised! Under no circumstances should it be compared to cleaning a bathtub! It takes a lot more time to get a hot tub right brush! Yes, most hot tubs have a so-called Ozonator, which specifically ensures a germ-free environment in the hoses etc. And the completely without chemistry.

However, even if the ozonator is installed, it is advisable to rinse the lines from time to time with a mild disinfectant and plenty of clear water. This destroys germs and the hoses can remain functional for longer.

You will enjoy your jacuzzi longer. Also pay close attention to the right one insulation! A good thermal insulation cover is a very sensible investment!

This is primarily good for the fact that the jacuzzi heating does not have to be switched on all the time to maintain the desired temperature. So there are cost reasons.


Tip 4: the right bath additives

Like you like bath? Well, this is a sensitive issue with a hot tub! If you use a soap-based additive, you can invite everyone to a foam party in your garden! And probably all year long - the jets in the jacuzzi produce so much foam that they couldn't cope with it! Stay away from soap-based additives!

It looks similar with additives oil-based out! Over time, the oil can damage the lines and hoses and cannot be removed from them

If you like Scent in her jacuzzi want to enjoy, so grab it Bath salts! Yes, the same applies here: less is more! Use the bath salts very sparingly. Clean your tub very carefully after bathing and lay it down besonderes Pay attention to the lines!

Salt crystals tend to settle here, which in the long term can damage the hoses of the pool. Therefore, rinse the jacuzzi tubing a few times with clear water after each use of bath salt.

This will significantly extend the life of the hoses and the spa system itself longer efficient . make

Fonteyn Mallorca Superior Outdoor Whirlpool / Balboa control / 6 person outdoor whirlpool
  • Polyethylene inner shell provided with a 5 year guarantee
  • Balboa Electronics
  • 2 kW heating (very economical and energy saving)
  • Plastic frame (maintenance-free and very robust) - we do not use wood in the entire whirlpool (very ...
  • Underwater lighting, waterfall + LED lighting and side air controls

Tip 5: take care of the legal!

Before installing or setting up your jacuzzi in the garden, it is also worthwhile asking the local building authority for one possible approval Especially if you are renting it is also worthwhile to involve the other parties in the house. This may save them a lot of trouble.

So you see your own jacuzzi in the Garden Setting up or building in takes a lot of thought and thought. Especially since the jacuzzi is not a decision for a bathing season, but for one long-term use is designed.


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