Everyone is looking for a good deal. However, no one should go hunting for a used hot tub without being informed and knowing what to look for. If you're looking to purchase a used hot tub, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about buying a used hot tub. We're going to look at what important “NO GO'S” to look for and how not to get involved in a bad deal.

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Where can I find a good used spa?

Not many dealers will deal in used spas, but you will likely see big discounts for those who do.

However, the advantage of buying from a dealer who has refurbished a hot tub is that you get a cheaper hot tub and that some kind of guarantee is usually included.

The problem with buying through a dealer is that you pay almost as much as you would for a brand new hot tub - a hot tub that will give you fewer problems in the long run.

It is up to you, however, it should always be due to possible repair costs,

What about the local classifieds?

Whether in the newspaper or online, local classifieds are a great option and a valuable resource when it comes to finding a good hot tub unit.

The trick is to discover a hot tub that has been well maintained and is currently in operation.

These cases require that you visit the hot tub before making a purchase.

Is eBay a Good Option?

Unless you're doing a local pickup, we generally wouldn't recommend going through an online auction site like eBay.

It is always a good idea to inspect the used hot tub.


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How much will i have to pay?

Well, that's a tricky question. The Whirlpool cost likely depend on a few factors: how old the device is, how many extra glands and whistles it has, and what condition it is in.

The price the seller paid for the hot tub has really little to do with its resale value, so don't let that dictate the price.

While an owner might want to sell their hot tub for half what they paid for, they have to realize that the original price came with a perfectly functioning unit that was also covered by a warranty.

Often times, you can purchase a brand new spa with similar features and have it shipped for less hassle than you are likely to experience through an inter-owner sale.

What should I look out for when looking at a used hot tub?

NEVER agree to purchase a hot tub before you can examine it. Ideally, you should ask the owner to fill it with water to prove that it is running perfectly and can reach the factory setting of 40 ° (check this number on a floating thermometer - don't just trust the top of the panel) .

It's really difficult to find one Whirlpool to be assessed if it is not connected and functional. Plan two trips: one to evaluate the hot tub and another to make the move (after it's turned off, drained, etc.) if you decide it's worth it.

TIP: Avoid buying a hot tub that has been stored empty or has not been in use for a long time. An empty hot tub is likely to have all kinds of electrical and plumbing problems.


Avoid potential harm

Hot tubs that have not been used in a while have electrical components that corrode, poor connections, rusted pump motor shafts, and dried out seals.

Even hot tubs that have been stored in freezing temperatures are at risk from leaks.

If the water is not properly drained, up to 6 gallons of water can remain in a spa system, which can cause cracks and breaks.

Alternatively, exposed whirlpools exposed to the sun can form cracks in the acrylic glass, which are caused by the formation of bubbles in the shell.

The fiberglass substructure can become detached from the plastic over time, damage that is rarely reversible.

Check the functionality of your hot tub

In summary, one really should only consider recently used hot tubs, which ideally will be ready to use by the time it is sold.

Before making an inspection, make sure the spa is full and has been running at the maximum factory setting temperature for 24 hours prior to making this purchase.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Yes! We recommend that you examine the ACRYLIC shell and look for any major cracks or blisters. Shells are very difficult to repair - almost impossible.

If it's just a small pinhole or break less than an inch in length, you can usually fix it with a bottle of Fix-A-Leak.

That being said, it's a good reason not to buy.

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The CABINET should also be seen. If you find rotting wood or damage, the hot tub is often not easy to repair. The question of where the hot tub was placed is an important part of the assessment. If it's on a flat surface (preferably a cement board) you'll have far fewer problems in the long run. A hot tub that has been on an uneven surface for an extended period of time is likely to have warpage problems that can cause cracking or equipment breakage once it is leveled.

While the spa is running, be sure to check the cover. Pay attention to possible leaks in the vicinity of the pump. Large amounts of puddles can mean something like a shaft seal repair or a pump replacement.

Also, LISTEN for any noise that could indicate a major device problem. The click is often an indication of a defective relay contactor that appears on the top of the control cabinet. It is an expensive problem.

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You should listen to the pump when it is running. There should be a steady (and deep) hum. If you hear an uncomfortable crunch or high-pitched howl, it will cost you a lot of money.
With the hot tub running, check out the JETS and make sure they are all working as they are supposed to. Have the owner press all the buttons on the top control panel to check functionality. If it looks like there is poor water flow on one side, the hot tub may have a defective pump. Even if a jet doesn't run properly, it can get expensive.

Should I include repairs in the price of a used spa?

Yes! It's a really smart idea. The chances of you getting away with it in the repairs department are very slim.

Expect to have to spend another hundred dollars to cover all future repairs. This will also help you in your decision whether or not it is worth buying used hot tubs for them.

You must also assume that it will cost some money to buy a chemical system and replace the filters unless the system currently in use is in good working order.

Be SURE to clean your system before refilling. All kinds of bad bacteria can linger inside the pipes.

What about the hot tub cover?

Used hot tub covers are relatively easy to evaluate when making a purchase. The best thing you can do is pick up the cover and check your weight.

If it seems overly heavy or you can feel like water sloshing around, you will likely need a new one, which can be bought anywhere from $ 300-450 depending on the quality.

A water-filled hot tub cover won't do anything for you or maintain heat - something that will show up on your utility bill. You can also do an odor test on hot tub covers.

A cover that smells foul or moldy is unlikely to be worth buying. Take this into account when making your purchase.

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Check the vinyl case on the hot tub cover. Look for cracks, fading, or other signs of deterioration. Spa covers are less likely to need replacement if they are in good condition and have been well maintained.

Someone who took good care of their hot tub cover probably took good care of their hot tub too.


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