Do you know that too? Tense muscles, back pain or depressive moods. Many people suffer from it and sometimes take strong medication against it.

But there is another solution to these problems. Many positive properties are ascribed to the whirlpool. But, who is it worth buying their own whirlpool for the garden?

Advantages of having your own whirlpool in the garden

A whirlpool in your own garden should be carefully considered before purchasing.
It is indisputable, however, that a hot tub offers many good properties. These will be examined in more detail below.

It starts with the immersion in the warm bubbles. The body weight is immediately reduced, the joints no longer have to bear so heavily. Here one even speaks of a weight reduction of 90%. The water carries you and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The warm water also provides an incredible relief from worries. You can switch off, hide everyday life. Let the warm water carry you to a beautiful place, away from children, job, partnership.


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Another positive quality of a stay in the whirlpool is that it has a positive effect on blood pressure. If you step into the warm water, your blood circulation reacts with an immediate increase in blood pressure. Your blood increasingly flows into the skin areas that are better supplied with blood from the warm water. The result is that the blood vessels widen and the blood pressure drops again. Blood warmed in this way now penetrates deeper into the deeper tissue and supplies it with more oxygen.

The more blood vessels warm up in this way, the greater the relaxation factor that is created. And the deeper this warmth penetrates inwards, the higher the temperature of your body rises. Muscles, which are always tense, loosen up as if by magic.

Whirlpool for the garden - is it worth the investment? 2

The pulse rises. Pollutants that have accumulated in the tissue are broken down from the body under the warm water. The body produces endorphins for pain relief. These are increasingly released in the warm water and sent to the painful areas of the body. So a hot tub can be called a natural pain reliever. this article explains other health benefits of hot tubs.

Another positive effect that the warm bubbling water has on your body is that a stuffy nose is released under warm water. You can breathe freely again. So if you have a cold, consciously go to your whirlpool, you will be amazed at the results.

Another positive aspect of immersion in a whirlpool is that, due to the increased body temperature (here an increase in body temperature to around 39,4 degrees), the number of white blood cells increases three-fold. These white blood cells are responsible for the defense against bacteria and viruses.

So if the flu or a cold is coming, take them to the whirlpool as quickly as possible. Since they probably feel unable to. Leaving the house with such ailments will of course benefit you from your own jacuzzi in the garden.

Let's now shed light on the positive effects of massage jets. They can be adjusted very specifically to specific body regions. Do you have tight neck muscles? Turn your massage jets so that the warm water hits tense areas. You will experience relief in minutes.

But a lot can also be done in the body through the soles of the feet. Since the soles of the feet reflect the whole body, you only have to find the right region and stimulate it with the massage jets and you can achieve significant improvements.

A real blast will be your own whirlpool tub at every party you have on your property. Ask your friends to join them in the hot tub at midnight. It will be an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for a long time.

Is your partnership in crisis? Did you have a real argument with your partner? Let yourself and your partner take a fragrant full bath in your whirlpool and ask for a chat. You will see, you will get all of your partner's attention. Where should he take refuge? A whirlpool is therefore also very suitable for couples therapy.

With all the advantages that we have now highlighted, the negative aspects of a hot tub must also be addressed. At first glance, these are not immediately recognizable. But they do exist, unfortunately.


Disadvantages of having your own jacuzzi in the garden

Let's first take a look at the purchase price of a whirlpool. If you want a whirlpool that will give you pleasure for a long time, you can count on an investment of at least 2.000-10.000 euros. For most of us this is not a stick-out problem and the purchase should be considered carefully.

The electricity costs are also an item that should not be neglected. The main thing here is how warm you like your water and what intensity the massage jets should have. In general, it can be said that water let in cold must of course be heated much more than if you let the water in at body temperature.

Basically, a medium-sized whirlpool (around 1200 liters of water) is expected to consume around 6-8 kW of electricity, with the heater and motor pumps consuming around 4 kW. If the water temperature is to be kept constant while you relax in your whirlpool, the heating has to start over and over again for short intervals. This consumes a lot of energy. In this case, it makes sense to insulate your whirlpool well so that it does not lose so much heat.

Whirlpool for the garden - is it worth the investment? 5

Maintenance and cleaning should not be forgotten either. Seals, filters or the ozone device in particular can quickly break when in constant use and must be serviced and replaced regularly. The pillows can also become porous over time or they simply no longer look appealing. Then a replacement must be provided.

Another point that can ruin a visit to the whirlpool is the volume of the jets (or the jets' motor). This noise can spoil your relaxation, but it doesn't have to be. Not everyone feels noise the same way.

Cleaning is also a key issue when you own a hot tub. Many hot tubs have one Ozonator and a UV lamp. These should prevent germs and bacteria from settling and making them sick. Viruses and germs mainly like to settle inside a whirlpool, where the ozonator and lamp can be of inestimable value.

But even after every bathing experience, the tub should be rinsed out with the shower head and rubbed with a damp cloth. The filters are also very susceptible to a wide variety of soiling and should also be rinsed with the shower at least once every week. After all, you want to enjoy your whirlpool for a long time. Do you want more cleaning tips? Click here.

Don't forget to clean the hoses regularly. But here the manufacturers of the whirlpool tubs have already reacted positively. Many pools nowadays are already equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism and all you need to do is start the program and the hoses are automatically rinsed and cleaned.


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Who is it worth buying a hot tub for?

Basically, a whirlpool is recommended to everyone who wants to stay healthy and vital.

  • Do you work a lot outdoors or do you spend most of your time outdoors?
  • Do you have to work hard physically?
  • Do you often catch a cold?
  • Do you have a fever?
  • Do you want to keep your partnership fresh?

Then they buy a hot tub. Order your dream hot tub and plan a visit to the hot tub with your partner once a week, it will enrich your relationship.


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