Nowadays hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to setting up new bathrooms. But whirlpools are also increasingly finding a place in the garden.

The 5 main advantages and disadvantages of having your own hot tub 1

(+) Whirlpools relieve tension

The main benefits of having your own hot tub can be confirmed by those who have already experienced its relaxing effects on body and soul.

Whirlpools even relieve stubborn tension and support the blood circulation in the entire body. However, make sure that the strength of the water jet is not set too hard.

In addition to their relaxing function, whirlpools have a particularly positive effect on health. The combination of massage and temperature also relieves stress on the joints.

People who suffer from rheumatism or similar complaints, for example, often report massive relief and sometimes even several hours of freedom from pain.


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(+) Whirlpools allow a lot of freedom in installation and design

If you want to put a whirlpool in your own four walls or in the garden, you will quickly notice how many different options you have when setting up.

A whirlpool, for example, can be installed so that it is statically anchored in the masonry. The hot tub can also be placed in the middle of a bathroom if the size allows it.

If you plan to put the spa in your bathroom, you can create a unique feel-good atmosphere there with dimmed lamps. Stress and unwanted thoughts can go on a long journey.

If you even have the freedom to devote an entire room to the whirlpool, we recommend that you decorate it appropriately, for example with large plants around it. In this case, the whirlpool is a highlight and the room can be transformed into a real oasis of well-being in this way.

The 5 main advantages and disadvantages of having your own hot tub 3

(+) Hot tubs help with insomnia

Many people suffer from insomnia and do not know what to do. The ultimate and underrated solution is a whirlpool bath.

The warm, bubbly water of your whirlpool relieves stress and contributes to better relaxation and better sleep.

Sleep becomes deeper, healthier and longer when the body temperature drops. Experts recommend people with insomnia to use the whirlpool bath and use the massage function for 15 minutes before going to bed with a body temperature of around 36 to 38 degrees Celsius.

(+) Hot tubs are not expensive

Pure relaxation in the evening, without visiting a bathhouse, is a luxury that everyone can afford.

A move is not necessary, because a retrofittable whirlpool or a bathtub with an integrated whirlpool is hardly more expensive than a conventional bathtub.

With an integrated whirlpool in the bathing area, every room is transformed into a wellness area. Every resident of the home can feel comfortable there at any time of the day.

The advantage is that whirlpools can be installed in almost every bathroom, as the space required is very small. Excellent designs in combination with special components offer the opportunity to pamper body and soul.

Do you still think that your own four walls are too small? Then we recommend inflatable whirlpools. These also have many advantages. Our Inflatable whirlpool test gives you more information on the subject.

The 5 main advantages and disadvantages of having your own hot tub 5

(-) Having your own whirlpool takes time to maintain

A whirlpool in your own four walls costs a little more time in daily maintenance than conventional bathtubs.

In order to enjoy the spa for a long time, careful maintenance is particularly important.

The whirlpools themselves are relatively easy to clean with soap, sponge and water.

The maintenance of a hot tub, on the other hand, is a sensitive issue. Such baths have extremely sensitive technology and the hoses and connections are usually not accessible without special tools.

The integrated disinfection objects take over a large part of the water purification. With them the whirlpool can be kept clean or almost sterile.

In order to maintain hygiene and to increase the lifespan of the whirlpools to over 10 years, we recommend thorough cleaning once a month. You can read here how this works.

Attention! Using bubble baths in a hot tub is not recommended. If a standard foam bath is filled into the whirlpool, the foam is distributed over the entire room.

(-) Whirlpool tubs are noisy

It is true that a hot tub makes noise when in use. The exact volume level, however, depends on the model.

If the water is to bubble, it must of course be set in motion by a motor. This creates a kind of noise.

The hot tub pumps can also be noisy. There are different functions and depending on the setting, the whirlpool can work sometimes louder and sometimes quieter.

Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves whether the noise level is disturbing or not. If you are aiming for a subdued whirlpool, you have to move to the higher price ranges.

In this article find out from what surcharge you can benefit from a gentle noise level

The 5 main advantages and disadvantages of having your own hot tub 7

At the end...

An in-house whirlpool promises wellness and relaxation in a way that few people benefit from.

Too few people are willing to install a hot tub because there is a misconception that a hot tub is too expensive a device. What many do not know, however, is that hot tubs can be purchased and maintained at any budget.

So buying a hot tub is an investment in health. Spas are tremendous relief from insomnia, stress, and pain, and great fun for the whole family.

If you are willing to take on the cleaning work and to pay a little more money than for a conventional bathtub, the purchase of a whirlpool is definitely worthwhile.


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