The whirlpool 4 people

A luxury whirlpool for 4 people at an affordable price, who doesn't want that for his garden. Of course, this whirlpool should be of high quality and equipped with all the important safety features. In addition, spare parts for this model can still be obtained without any problems even after many years of use.

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Benefits for your relaxation in the garden 

A luxury whirlpool for 4 people at an affordable price, who doesn't want that for his garden. Of course, this whirlpool should be of high quality and equipped with all the important safety features. In addition, spare parts for this model can still be obtained without any problems even after many years of use. 

Guaranteed fun - even in larger groups! 

Thanks to the 3 ergonomic headrests and the existing high-quality chrome-plated massage jets, nothing to be desired. You can be sure that the next garden party will take place at your place. You can indulge yourself in this hot tub alone, with family or friends. For example, 4 adults can easily enjoy a nice break, even a men's evening becomes a personal event in this whirlpool. The integrated LED lights, which create a very special atmosphere, also ensure a very special experience. In just a few simple steps you can create an underwater world that becomes a feel-good experience. The whirlpool is really set in scene with 8 different colors. In addition, color light therapy and chromotherapy are given.


Enjoy the whirlpool even in winter 

The heater integrated in this whirlpool leaves nothing to be desired, because it is not only economical, but you can regulate the water temperature yourself as required. For example, the water temperature is kept constant at a desired number of degrees. No matter how cold it is outside, you will never freeze. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the heating switches itself off thanks to the integrated thermostat. If the temperature falls, the heating starts up again automatically. A special advantage is also given thanks to the existing high-quality thermal insulation, because this reduces the energy requirement to an absolute minimum. Another not unimportant point is that even the waste heat from the pumps continues to be used to heat the water. 

Pure relaxation thanks to massage jets

This whirlpool contains about 850 liters of water in which you can relax to your heart's content. The chrome-plated massage jets not only look elegant and particularly appealing, they also hide a great deal of power. Not only can you relax after a stressful day at work, you can also use these massage jets to relieve tension. Here, the manufacturer has also paid attention to an elegant look, not, as is often the case with other whirlpools, that the massage nozzles are made with a plastic look. These nozzles remain a reliable companion for a long time and conjure up a relaxed smile on the face of every user.


Even cleaning is quick and easy 

Many consumers shy away from cleaning the whirlpool again and again, as this involves a lot of work. With this whirlpool you can relax in every way. The integrated ozone disinfection not only saves you time, but also makes cleaning the 4 person whirlpool a real breeze. The ozone disinfection destroys all existing fungi, bacteria and algae, as well as all other dirt that has accumulated in the massage jets or pipes. This is done quite simply by means of active oxygen, which is provided with 3 instead of 2 atoms. 

Residues from cleaning agents are a thing of the past, because only a little oxygen remains. Another great advantage is that ozone cleans much faster than is the case with chlorine and water treatment agents. You can easily generate the ozone yourself in your hot tub. It never needs to be topped up or replaced. You not only save time, but also money. 


You can relax together regularly with the 4 person whirlpool

Relax together and have a nice chat thanks to the first-class air and water pump

The existing water pump has an output of 3 HP. It is extremely reliable and also economical to use. You will also hardly notice it because it is very quiet. Its performance is also very extensive, because it provides the circulatory massage as well as the hydromassage without any problems. 

Of course, attention was paid to the feel-good factor with the air pump in this high-quality whirlpool. It is extremely powerful and provides several thousand soothing air bubbles. Depending on your needs, you can also set the air pressure softer or harder using 2 valves. The intensity of the flow is also adjustable. Direct it to the desired side of the pool through an existing diverter valve. 

Computer control enables easy operation and optimal relaxation

With this hot tub, you don't have to leave the beautiful atmosphere to operate the pool. The existing LCD computer control leaves nothing to be desired. It is of course waterproof and easy to regulate. Operate all functions while you relax in the whirlpool. Not only can the heating and circulation pump be regulated from the pool, but you can also set the ozone disinfection as you need it. 

High-quality workmanship ensures a real eye-catcher

The workmanship of the whirlpool is particularly high quality, so that you can still relax in it with your family after many years. The chrome-plated massage jets alone leave nothing to be desired, but this whirlpool has a lot more to offer. The integrated underwater light with its 8 colors creates a very special atmosphere, especially in the evening when it gets dark. The wood look rounds off the overall picture of this whirlpool perfectly. Because this way, this pool looks a little more inviting. 

Why you should choose! won't leave you out in the rain, but is always the right contact for you and your questions. We accompany you from your wish to find a suitable whirlpool for your needs up to the execution. Furthermore, our pools are of high quality in every respect and, if necessary, you can still purchase suitable spare parts after years of use. . 

Product details and insights

  • Dimensions: 180 x 160 x 79 cm
  • High-quality, weather-resistant WPC cladding in dark gray (maintenance-free + color-stable)
  • High quality acrylic (PMMA) of the tub
  • Empty weight: 207 kg
  • Water volume: maximum 850 liters
  • Heating: water temperature precisely adjustable (10-40 ° C)
  • Water pump (power 1.5 kw) with 2 levels (water circulation and powerful massage), economical + extremely quiet
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V / 50Hz
  • 4 Sitzplätze
  • 20 powerful massage jets
  • All nozzles are adjustable in intensity and direction
  • Ozone disinfection
  • Cartridge filter system for crystal clear water
  • Touch display
  • Water level sensor to protect the pumps
  • Waterfall with 3 outlets on the upper edge of the tub
  • Drainage device
  • Incl. Massive Thermal cover (10 centimeters!)
  • Optional incl. 40 cm high solid Entry stairs made of WPC
  • Low consumption! No heavy current required!
  • Use a 3-pole moisture-proof cable with a cross-section of 3 x 6 mm² or 5 x 6 mm²
  • Power:
    • Heating: 2 kw
    • Pump: 1.5 kw
    • Water circulation: 0.35 kw
    • other components such as light, display, ozone sterilizer: 0.05 kw
    • Total 3.505 watts (25,3A)


How do you clean the hot tub?

The cleaning of the 4 person whirlpool is particularly easy, because you don't have to pick up a cleaning cloth, you can simply activate the ozone disinfection at the push of a button. 

How can the heating be regulated?

Thanks to the waterproof LCD computer control, you can regulate the heating simply by pressing a button from within the whirlpool. 

Are there any follow-up costs?

You can look forward to this whirlpool, because you don't have to spend any money afterwards, because you can do without expensive chlorine or water treatment agents. 

How many massage jets are there?

This high-quality whirlpool is equipped with a total of 20 powerful jets. Up to 4 people can be massaged all over their body at the same time. Tension and pain can be perfectly released.

4 Reviews for The whirlpool 4 people

  1. Claudia

    Great jacuzzi. A huge joy for the whole family. Especially during the corona pandemic, this pool gave us very cheerful hours. At lunchtime, the children romp in the pool and the parents have a good time with a glass of wine after work 🙂

  2. Volker

    Good and inexpensive pool! My expectations were completely met. Definitely worth the money.

  3. Marc

    Great jacuzzi!

  4. Melanie

    We are very happy with the hot tub. Was worth the money.

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