The word test and related words refer to the comparison of values ​​that are freely available on the Internet. For comparisons on this domain, extensive data is collected, listed and analyzed in order to maintain the greatest possible objectivity.

To ensure that as few subjective factors as possible play a role, the real test of these products was even dispensed with, as the individual tester would have played too dominant a role here.

Comparison winners are determined on the basis of the listed product properties in relation to the price-performance ratio. Customer ratings, on the other hand, were included, if available, as the cut of the customer ratings allows a much more objective view than the own test.

The information and prices provided are updated as often as possible. Unfortunately mistakes can happen here too. Therefore, the information and prices given may differ from the actual information and prices in the shop.

Buy recommendations serve as tipsters and lead to the website of another company.

The selection of the compared products is left to the editorial team and is decided at random (unless otherwise stated). In order to maintain neutrality, products from as many different manufacturers as possible are compared. It is not possible to compare all products within a product category, as this would go beyond the scope of product comparisons.