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Bestway Lay Z Spa Palm Springs Whirlpool: One of the best whirlpools tested in 2020!

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Whirlpool bathtub test: which model will convince in 2020?

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Bauhaus & Obi whirlpools inflatable in the test 2020: The ultimate comparison

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The best inflatable whirlpool for your own garden tested!

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Bestway whirlpools: which model is convincing in our large comparison 2020?

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Build a jacuzzi yourself - tips for building your jacuzzi

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FAQs on buying a used hot tub

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The 5 most important advantages and disadvantages of having your own hot tub

The 5 most important advantages and disadvantages of having your own hot tub

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Whirlpool inflatable test 2021: the 5 best inflatable whirlpools in comparison

# 1 Test winner: Best inflatable whirlpool: Miweba MSpa LED A top-class inflatable whirlpool! Not for nothing…
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Buying a Hot Tub: Everything You Should Know About Buying a Hot Tub in 2020!

Our summers are getting hotter and hotter and cooling is needed. The way to the outdoor pool can quickly become a nerve - terror, especially if there are small children. What's the alternative? Your own, of course Whirlpool! Under the many models there is sure to be the one that suits you Jacuzzi. Find out what it takes to find it here!


Buying the Right Hot Tub - What to Look For!

An own Whirlpool to own is that ne plus ultradon't you think so? Coming home after a hard day's work and getting into the relaxing wet to plunge, profuse Massages to enjoy - it has to be Paradise be! If you too are thinking of creating your own Whirlpool to buy, then you should consider a few pointsto her Dream model to find.



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First, think about how many People You the Whirlpool mainly want to use. That depends on that Size of the pool from. Basically there is inflatable hot tubs for 2 to 8 people, at the permanently installed models there is (almost) no upper limit for the maximum number of people. However, you should not be put off by the manufacturer's recommendation for occupancy - if the number of people is specified as 4, the manufacturer means 2 adults and 2 children. 

So if you have the Whirlpool want to use with more than 2 people, you tend to prefer one round model. For groups of 4 or more people, it should have a diameter of at least 2 m, with a maximum capacity of around 800 liters, so that everyone can sit comfortably in it and enjoy pure relaxation. Matching models among these round whirlpools receive in stores from around 300 euros


The different models of the whirlpools of course also have different ones Special Features. Here it may be worthwhile to look very carefully so that none expensive Accessories must be bought extra. Your preferred model should have at least these features: 

  • A filter pump with sufficient performance: Ideally, the maximum flow rate of the water should correspond to the size of the pool and the pump should be as quiet as possible in operation.
  • Technology: The whirlpool should be easy and safe to control and adjust. Most jacuzzis are controlled via a control panel located in / on the edge. 
  • Insulation: To prevent temperature loss (especially if it is an outdoor hot tub), the hot tub should be adequately insulated. Both on the side walls and on the floor. In the best case, an insulating cover is included. 
  • Power connection: There are various requirements here. Some whirlpools require a fixed 230 volt connection, other models get by with “the juice from the socket”. Be sure to find out in advance what conditions your favorite Jacuzzi needs!
  • Disinfection of the water: A very important point, because: Who would want to get into a contaminated “broth”? There is certainly no wellness feeling! There are basically several options available for disinfecting the water: the cartridge filter, UV disinfection, ozone disinfection and the salt water system. 
  • Massage: The most important and most relaxing factor when buying a hot tub. It should be clear to them that if you tend to go for a particularly inexpensive model, this will be reflected in the number of massage jets. Whirlpools in the price segment between 300 - 500 euros usually have around 80 massage jets - high-priced models have significantly more here. 


Usually the Whirlpool PVC or Acrylic. Numerous manufacturers however, they are constantly tinkering and researching new materials and so with every new season comes a new one High tech material on the market. Currently they are inflatable hot tubs with a special Fiber - Tech Construction announced. These Material combination should be special robust and adapt to the individual body shape better. 

You can also find other important points in this informative video:


Whirlpool accessories: Not every manufacturer offers the same upgrades

Accessories to “pimp” the whirlpool there are so many different models. Basically you can use their new one Whirlpool with a lot useful accessories upgrade. This Accessories is not always cheap - here it is worth going to Special promotions the manufacturer to wait and then strike. In this way, one or the other euro can be saved. 

So offer about renowned Discounter often in the spring and summer months complete sets which really contain (almost) everything for a relaxed bubbling. There are special offers with fragrant bath products, included entry ladders or various LED lighting. 

For all those who do not want to wait for such a special offer, we recommend visiting the Homepage of the respective manufacturer. Here are all Accessories listed and can be purchased. We also recommend that you fill out the contact form on our website for further information and send it to us. 


Indoor or outdoor whirlpool? The whirlpool type is decisive for the purchase!

Buy indoor or outdoor whirlpool - indoor exampleBasically, the Whirlpool Models divided into two categories: the Whirlpool for use in Interior, which Indoor whirlpools and the Jacuzzi for use in free, which Outdoor whirlpools. You can find out here which criteria are important in the respective categories!


Would you like her new Whirlpool only use in your house or apartment, there are a few things you should take care of beforehand. It is best to first ask the home owner (if you are renting) whether he or she has anything against you Installation one whirlpools object Has. You should then orient yourself towards these wishes.

As a precaution, also inform your neighbors, because one Whirlpool do not operate silently. The pumps and filters ALWAYS generate Sounds, this is what the nearest neighbors should know. 

Once this is done, take a look at the Raum exactly where you want the Whirlpool want to set up. Is this a so-called Damp room then everything is ready for installation. If this is not the case, then you should keep certain things in mind when realizing the space: 

  • The room and furnishings should be at the same temperature. There should be no cold spots.
  • The insulation must have an aluminum coating on one side, otherwise moisture will penetrate the wall behind it and there is a risk of serious damage (mold, for example)!
  • Don't forget to insulate the ceiling!
  • Exhaust air - ensure extraction of the warm whirlpool steam!
  • The floor should have an insulating screed.

These are the most important points on the way to their own little one Wellness landscape. Take note of them and you will enjoy many years of fun and relaxation!


The requirements for the material are with one Outdoor whirlpool of course a lot bigger than the Indoor model. You surely realize that there is more to this robustness and things like material thickness must be observed. 

But then you have that perfect pool found, then are at the Outdoor variant Much less preparatory work is required. All you have to do is find a flat surface with a power connection and you can relax immediately after assembly. Very easy and can be done by anyone. If you're still looking for a winterproof model Keep an eye out, then you can enjoy the soothing massage even in the cold season!



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Where should I buy my jacuzzi?

We are asked this question again and again. The first thought would be to local Construction Market to drive and get the new one there Jacuzzi to buy. Many will also think of doing an online search. Both variants, which we will examine. Until then, you can also contact us using the contact form, we will be happy to resolve your issue. 

    By submitting the form, I consent to the collection, processing and use of my personal data in accordance with the privacy policy.


    Advantage of Online purchase: the cheapest price and the latest models!

    Disadvantage of Online purchase: no trial sitting, no advice. 

    What is important to you? Basically, you should search the internet for a new one Whirlpool search if you:

    • Are already sure about the model
    • Have “tried” the model at a specialist dealer

    In these cases it is worth checking the prices of the whirlpools compare in the numerous shops to find the cheapest offer.

    Hornbach, Bauhaus and Co.

    Even with these Hardware stores become numerous whirlpools find in the range. Mostly however these are on certain manufacturers limited and so the selection is not nearly as large as on the Internet. Also always have to with the cheap models from the hardware store Loss of quality be accepted. 


    Here you may find a real Bargain  do, because the Discounter offer regularly whirlpools in Special promotions, some with a wide range of accessories. Most of these promotional goods are out of date models, but the quality of them does whirlpools no demolition!


    That is why we recommend buying it online!

    Of course that is Consulting Not nearly as detailed on the Internet as in specialist shops. There is of course no need to try it out either. Also takes place in very few cases with one Internet purchase personal communication takes place. You should be aware of these disadvantages. 

    In contrast, there are numerous Advantageswhich are available for purchase in Online shop speak:

    • The prices can be compared sufficiently because you have access to dozens of different pages
    • You always get an overview of the latest models
    • You will be informed about price or test winners

    In our opinion, they predominate Advantages one Online purchase. However, if you value personal advice, you can enjoy it at the specialist dealer and then compare the prices online. You are sure to find your preferred model and save a few more euros.


    Our tips and tricks for buying a garden hot tub cheaply

    There are Dealers again and again Exhibits or Returns for little money. Here it is worthwhile to ask the retailer you trust in more detail. A cheap alternative can also be the Whirlpool used to buy (on Ebay or similar platforms). However, this is not for everyone and of course also involves risks. 



    A Whirlpool Calling your own has a little touch Luxury. To look forward to coming home every day and to the relaxing hours in the warm, bubbling water, that also has something. For you, this dream will come true when you sign up for her new one Whirlpool decide. 

    To find the model that's right for you, it's worth checking out the Jacuzzi in detail to each other Compare - or you use our attached contact form! We are looking forward to your message!

      By submitting the form, I consent to the collection, processing and use of my personal data in accordance with the privacy policy.


      Other popular items: Guide to Inflatable Whirlpools, Jacuzzis, Outdoor Spas & More!

      Do you dream of having your own whirlpool in the garden, on the terrace or in the bathroom? You can use your own whirlpool whenever you want, regardless of the opening times and high admission prices of local wellness baths: seven days a week, around the clock. We are your competent service provider for whirlpools of all kinds, accessories and spare parts. On our website you will find all the information you need about whirlpools before, during and after your purchase. Our jacuzzi test will help you decide on the right model. The decisive criteria here are the number of people that the device can accommodate, the maximum dimensions it can have in order to find space in your garden, and the efficiency of the nozzles and lighting. A whirlpool offers its owner an opportunity to relax in familiar surroundings. The warm water, the massage function of the integrated jets and whirlpool accessories promote your own health and contribute to well-being. A relaxing hour in your own whirlpool is comparable to a mini vacation and a good opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life. Simply switch off, unwind and do something good for yourself, these are the great advantages of having your own model in the garden at home. A hot tub can also be the center of a small party. Simply invite your friends to a cozy get-together and surprise them with a bath. We have a pool test for this. With us you will find exactly the right model and the right accessories. Take part in our personality quiz and in a few minutes you will find the perfect hot tub for you. Long internet research is unnecessary and you get the model for your individual needs.

      Which hot tub is best for you?

      There are a wide variety of hot tubs on the market; accordingly, before purchasing your hot tub, you need to weigh which features are most important to you.

      Most hot tubs are easy to install, move around if necessary, and offer a wide range of hydrotherapeutic properties. They are attractive, durable and easy to care for.

      Inflatable hot tubs

      For some people, an inflatable hot tub is the best choice. It's an ideal solution for someone who is limited in space, lives in a rental property, has a budget, and is looking for an inexpensive temporary hot tub. An inflatable hot tub can potentially be used indoors or outdoors. Inflatable hot tubs can even be taken to a party or family camping trip. Here it goes Inflatable whirlpool test.

      Bestway and Intex

      The two most famous brands for inflatable hot tubs are Bestway and Intex. You can find the products of the two brands online, e.g. on Amazon or offline, in the Bauhaus and sometimes in the Aldi. However, we recommend everyone to buy online, as you not only save money here, but can also enjoy the full guarantee of both manufacturers. In the event of problems, the product can simply be returned - what a luxury!

      Lay Z Spa Miami

      One of the most popular inflatable hot tubs is the Lay Z Spa Miami. If you don't want to spend a four- or five-digit amount on a whirlpool device, then this jacuzzi is the perfect alternative. Here is the Lay Z Spa Miami test!

      Built-in hot tubs

      Some opt for a built-in option; Hot tubs can become permanent features of your home. You will need the help of a qualified contractor who can help determine the best location and alternatives for your tastes and needs.

      What should you look for when buying a hot tub?

      There are a wide variety of hot tubs on the market; the most popular are the portable hot tubs with an acrylic inner shell. These spas are easy to install, move around if necessary, and offer a wide range of hydrotherapeutic properties. They are attractive, durable and easy to care for. Portable spas come with a choice of cabinet options, including treated wood, engineered stone or brick, resin, or other weatherproof synthetic alternatives. Portable spas come in all shapes and sizes and can accommodate from one to ten or more people. Another choice is an inflatable hot tub. This is an ideal solution for someone who is limited in space, lives in a rental property, is on a budget, and is looking for an inexpensive temporary jacuzzi. A inflatable hot tub can potentially be used indoors or outdoors. Inflatable hot tubs can even be taken to a party or family camping trip. Some opt for a built-in option; Hot tubs can become permanent features of your home. You will need the help of a qualified contractor who can help determine the best location and alternatives for your tastes and needs.

      Why you should own a hot tub

      There is something magical about owning a hot tub to yourself. The hot, bubbly water and jets offer a mini escape from the outside world. You get the same effect from one Whirlpool bathtub. They are also a way to relax in ways that are hard to find otherwise. But taking the plunge into actually buying a hot tub can be quite intimidating as the cost is often very high. But let us convince you why buying a hot tub will change your life. Here are six reasons to buy a hot tub:

      Whirlpools can be used all year round

      Swimming pools are great in the summer when it's warm, but hot tubs can be enjoyed in winter, spring, summer, and fall. An outdoor hot tub allows you to be outside often and enjoy things like a starry night, freshly fallen snow, changing leaves and colorful sunsets.

      There are many health benefits

      Interesting facts: The word spa is short for “salus per aquam”, a Latin phrase that means “health from the water”. The hot water in a hot tub can help increase blood flow, relax muscles, and relieve pain. The natural buoyancy that occurs when we are in a hot tub also reduces the strain and pressure on our joints and muscles, giving them a little break from all the hard work they do day and night.

      Soaking in the hot tub can help you sleep better.

      Insomnia, or even a bad night of sleep, can ruin the next day. But if you even take a 15-minute soak in a hot tub about an hour and a half or two before bed, you'll raise your temperature, and the quick cool-down that follows will relax you and help you get your body into a sound sleep.

      You can actually save water

      Instead of relaxing in the bathtub after which you send all the water down the drain, you can jump in the hot tub, which only needs to be emptied and refilled every three to six months.

      Whirlpool bathtubs are relaxing

      Whether you are alone or with friends in the whirlpool or a whirlpool bath, enjoy an alcoholic drink or hydrate with water, relax in the sun or under the starry sky, a whirlpool device will help you to put yourself in a state of relaxation. You can read a book or just focus on the moment. in the Whirlpool bathtub test find the model that's perfect for you! Between the heat and the calming bubbles, a short soak will help you relieve stress and increase your well-being.

      It can be your personal oasis

      There are so many types of hot tubs out there, so now is the one that suits you perfectly. You choose the size (from 3 to 9 people), color, number and style of nozzles, LED lighting, controls. You can even add a stereo system if you want. Whether you want your hot tub as a meeting place for the whole family, a romantic place or a party destination, you can design it so that it offers all the functions perfectly for your needs.